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What kind of services does Wasl Group offer?

We provide a range of services, including customs clearance, warehousing, and transportation & distribution of cargo throughout Saudi Arabia.

Can I get a competitive price?

We offer low-cost pricing with outstanding service. Please let us know your specific requirements and we would be happy to provide customised pricing.

Can I receive updates about the progress of my shipment clearance and transport?

Yes, we keep our customers updated about their shipments on a daily or as-needed basis.

What is your standard cargo delivery time?

Delivery times vary. You can track your cargo and get a stipulated time frame for delivery from our customer service department for a particular shipment.

Why can’t I get an estimated trip cost from point A to point B?

Fare calculations are complex and depend on several factors, including weight, dimension and level of urgency.

Is Wasl Group only for large corporations, or can anyone use them?

We provide cost-effective services for companies of any size as well as individuals.

Can you dispatch various goods in one drop?

Yes, if it is ready at the same time and will be delivered to the same location.

How quickly can my shipments be delivered?

We start our operation as soon as your cargo is ready for delivery, but exact timing will depend on city entry restrictions and transit time.

What if there are delays in delivering my goods or I do not like the quality of service you provide?

We pride ourselves on providing timely, cost-effective deliveries. If you are not satisfied with our service at any time, you are welcome to call our customer service team, and they will be happy to investigate.

Why do you require dimensions and weights to get a rate quote for LCL (less than container load) or air freight shipments?

LCL and air cargo shipment rates system are based on the cubic metre or gross weight, whichever is greater.

What is your policy on undelivered or damaged goods?

To file a claim in the rare event of undelivered or damaged goods, please contact us within 14 days of the shipment date.  We can provide a damaged/missing items report for our customers to present to their insurance company.

Do you deliver on Fridays and public holidays?

Yes, we transport and offload deliveries if prearranged by the customer.

What is “additional handling”?

Additional handling charge applied if the customer is not ready to receive the shipment and wants to avoid port demurrage charges.  They also charged if the delivery location changed after three hours of giving the driver job delivery order.

Is my package insured?

We do not provide separate insurance for managed goods.  All consignments handled at the owner’s risk.

Are you able to supply an example of the shipping documents you would like to receive?

Yes, please contact our customer service team, and they will be happy to help with this.

What documents are needed for customs clearance?

You can download a customs clearance authorization form from our website or contact customer service for a copy.  An authorised person must complete and sign the form, and it must then be stamped and approved by the Chamber of Commerce, along with any other necessary documents.

If my products need relabeling to conform to the Saudi Arabian market, can you help with this?

Yes.  With stock arriving from every corner of the globe, it is quite normal for products to require changes for compliance in other countries. From changing pricing labels to complete repackaging, Wasl Group can provide these value-added services.

What information do you need from me?

It is always a good idea to provide as much information as you can.  Ideally, we need to know:

  • Collection location
  • Delivery location
  • Contents of goods
  • Loading requirements
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Access restrictions

How do we submit payment?

We have several options for payment.  To become an account customer, you must have already traded with us several times in the past.  The payment options we offer prior to opening an account are:

  • Bank transfer to our account
  • Cheque
  • Cash (at our office)